“We expect and deliver the best in every way.

In our work and our finishes, we deliver beyond 
industry standards. In our personal interactions,
we are professional and respectful at all times.

Quality... It's our way of being and doing”


Our Story
Cubic History
Our Story

Every company has a story and ours is worthy of a best seller.

The time: 1946. The place: Grumo Appula, Italy.

A close-knit family, two generations of 11 men aged 14 to 46, work six days a week in the first Migliorino workshop, to create beautiful and bespoke furniture for homes throughout the region.

Each piece, designed and built with artisan passion and attention to detail, defines them and their place in the town.

Fast forward to 1964 and the second Migliorino workshop opens in St Peters, Sydney. Here in Australia, the family quickly establishes a reputation for designing and producing bespoke furniture with the finest craftsmanship and best finishes.

Furniture projects grow into family homes and offices and, moving on to the next generation of the Migliorino business, Cubic. From here, office spaces grow into commercial spaces, which grow into universities and stadiums.

Today, Cubic is a market leader in the commercial fitout industry delivering bespoke and beautiful interiors for iconic buildings and landmarks.

Three generations and seven decades later, Cubic is still a privately owned Migliorino business, managed by a close-knit team. The passion and purpose of the business is still to create beautifully unique pieces and spaces.

Our values
Perth Stadium inside looking out
Our values

Quality is Cubic's defining value. Quality is the filter we apply in developing a team we trust, suppliers we prefer, materials we use, construction techniques we practice, design solutions we apply and projects we deliver.

Our belief in innovation inspires us to scour the globe for leading edge materials and design and building techniques that allow us to bring architectural visions to life.

Integrity is our tradition. Anchored on the family values of loyalty and honesty, we respect the past and embrace the future. We remain at heart a family business, and in deeds a professional corporate entity.

Our culture
Team Cubic
Our culture

“Working with Cubic is like working with your family, without the bad bits.”

Current Cubic employee.

Trust, reliance, companionship and a sense of belonging are paramount in our workplace. Cubic is committed to each member's safety and wellbeing, through an investment in training, safety compliance and the right equipment.

At Cubic we support diversity in the workplace. We employ over 400 people from more than 30 cultural and linguistic backgrounds and we recognise the rights of all our employees to work in an environment free from prejudice, discrimination and harassment.

We support anti-bribery, anti-slavery and anti-corruption legislation and do not tolerate any form of illegal behaviour. We believe every person deserves to be respectfully employed and work in a safe place.



Robert Migliorino

Chief Executive Officer

Rocco Migliorino

Design Director - Architect

Nancy Ilacqua

Head of People, Performance and Culture

Peter Prodromou

General Manager Sub Contracting

Marianci Baba

Marketing Director

Brad Weston

Chief Financial Officer

Jordan Bromley

Chief Estimator

Steve Moura

WA/NSW Construction Manager

Adam Monson

WA State Manager

Executive Staff