Our Symbol

From the beginning, the cube has represented Cubic’s brand values — Quality, Innovation, Workmanship, Trust and Professionalism. It has provided us with the foundation and standard from which we have built success.

The lines that form the framework of the cube intersect and work together to create the stability of the cube. Each intersecting point is strong, representing different skills within the business, but they also offer a change in direction and a different perspective because we want to disrupt the status quo.

By using each intersecting point as a directional guide for additional line work, there is opportunity for innovation despite the structured shape and system. Line work may twist and turn in a seemingly unsystematic manner, but all results are guided by the strict limits of space and logic.

The resulting line is a symbolic representation of the work that Cubic offers their clients – unique, innovative and contemporary, high quality, reliable and process driven.

Despite the strict standards and framework of a cube, a large range of seemingly irregular icons result from using the cube’s intersecting points. Each icon has unique form but remains true to the strict system of the cube, representing Cubic’s consistent values and innovative core.

By using the cube as the foundation, possibilities are endless. A simple shape develops new and interesting forms based on the brand value framework.