Our Heritage


First Migliorino Workshop, Grumo Appula, Italy

A close-knit family, two generations of 11 men aged 14 to 46, work six days a week in the first Migliorino workshop, to create beautiful and bespoke furniture for homes throughout the region. Each piece, designed and built with artisan passion and attention to detail, defines them and their place in the town.


Second Migliorino Workshop, Sydney Australia

Here in Australia, the family quickly establishes a reputation for designing and producing bespoke furniture with the finest craftsmanship and best finishes. Furniture projects grow into family homes and offices. The workshop operated up until 1989.



Office spaces grow into commercial spaces, which grow into universities and stadiums. Today, Cubic is a market leader in the commercial interiors fitout market delivering bespoke and beautiful interiors for iconic buildings and landmarks. Three generations and seven decades later, Cubic is still a privately owned Migliorino family business, managed by a close-knit team. The passion and purpose of the business is still to create beautifully unique pieces and spaces.


Western Australia office opens in Perth

Cubic continues to expand, opening a new office on the west coast of Australia.


Celebrating 25 years of excellence!