UNSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building

New ideas and a fresh approach are the hallmarks of Cubic Interiors and the company's work on the Tyree Energy Technologies Building at UNSW was no exception.

Cubic Interiors was responsible for all the partitioning, glazing, solid and suspended ceilings in the iconic UNSW building. The scope of works included not just fitout, but designing the unique structures that were set to become a hallmark of the structure.

Mr. Migliorino said developing ideas for the building which incorporates laboratories, offices and a stunning atrium, was a challenge but one to which Cubic Interiors was ideally suited.

“There were some new ideas used in the fitout. We used fibrous plaster for the spoon-shaped ceilings to achieve the geometric shapes required and the sound and acoustics needed,” he said.

“All the profiles of the ceilings were done on Computer Aided Design technology and models were then made from composite materials to ensure the designs would work.”

The suspended ceiling system was constructed from plaster board, timber blades, metal pans and the unique spoon ceiling under the atrium roof is done in fibrous plaster, shaped using moulds.

The casts for the moulds used to construct the curved panels were completed in Perth and the sections were then transported to Sydney.

More than 500 sections were required to complete the project which involved more than 80 trades people on site including carpenters, glaziers and plasters for more than five months.

“Our team of selectively chosen, highly skilled professionals bring many years of experience to every project we undertake. Our core management team’s extensive industry experience allows us to easily understand complex and difficult projects and go forward to deliver world-class, state-of-the-art solutions,” Migliorino said.

“This building required quite an intricate process although we have used fibrous plaster before,” said Migliorino. “It has created an amazing finish. The building is complex, with a lot of geometric shapes and our trades people had to work around the angles in place.”

Cubic’s strengths in complex project management, coupled with superior design and fabrication skills and certified OH&S Management Plan to AS/NZS 4801:2001, make Cubic a market leader that can undertake large scale roll out projects nation-wide.

Year Complete: 2012

Levels: 5

Area sqm: NA

Type of Work: Fitout

Client: University of NSW

Builder: Brookfield Multiplex Constructions

Architect: FJMT

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  • NSW