About Us

Cubic delivers on the most complex and challenging interior builds, and offers a 360-degree design and project delivery solution.

We are proud to be privately held, and take great pride in the spaces that we create and the way in which we deliver. Using detailed skill and precision across the design and construction crafts, we are committed to exceeding client expectations.

We challenge the traditional procurement model, and bring the best to the site ourselves. We take full responsibility and ownership of the risk. Give us the shell, and we’ll make it look and feel remarkable.

Our belief in innovation inspires us to scour the globe for leading edge materials and design and building techniques that allow us to bring architectural visions to life. We apply old crafts in new ways, and back-to-basic techniques done with new technologies. We bring heart and creativity to industrial precision and we never cut corners.

We turn challenges into opportunities. 


Our Mission

  To provide world-class products and services

  To achieve highly considered, responsive and premium working environments

  To provide a single point of accountability and seamless teamwork

  To balance our clients current and future needs

  To provide programme and budget certainty